Kenneth Henry Mallinson

87 years old and never retired!

Kenneth Henry Mallinson

Brother to three, husband to Nancy, father to five children, bampa to eight grandchildren and seven grand-dogs, great-grandfather to eight. He served as a Flight Sergeant in the 427 Squadron in World War 2. Then he became a businessman, farmer, board member, committee member, volunteer, and (who could blame him) napper.

Ken Mallinson owned Apache Abrasives and kept everything sharp, especially his wits. His catch phrase was "I'll rough you up and smooth you down." He loved newspapers, cashew nuts, chocolates, and ice cream. Ken grinned every time he laid eyes on his wife, Nancy. For 52 years they set the standard for love and teamwork. Every day they said good night with three kisses and an "I love you."

Here’s to the immortal memory of Kenneth Henry – his hallmark was his smile, so please wear one when you think of him.

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