O.J. Pipelines Canada

O.J. Pipelines Canada

Since its inception in 1977, O.J. Pipelines (O.J.) has become Canada’s largest pipeline contractor and a leader in the laying of large diameter pipe, through some of Canada’s toughest terrains.

O.J. is a pioneer in the use of automatic mechanized welding, a procedure now standard on major big-inch pipeline projects throughout Canada and internationally.

O.J. has developed a reputation for innovation and cutting edge technology in automatic welding, and is the only pipeline contractor in Canada to both own and operate mechanized internal and external welding equipment for large diameter pipeline construction.

O.J. provides plant specific construction and maintenance services in the Oil Sands through its subsidiary O.J. Industrial Maintenance.

Double jointing, pre-construction estimating, financing and ownership reviews are just some of the other services O.J. provides. With the added strength of our parent company, Quanta Services behind us, O.J. can tackle any size or any difficult project with ease.

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