van der Zalm + associates inc.


van der Zalm + associates inc.

Culture - it’s how you live, play, and nurture. At van der Zalm + associates (VDZ) we understand that landscape can shape the culture of a space, community, and beyond. Our mission is to relay this understanding into the work that we do - as Landscape Architects, Urban Designers, and Environmental Consultants.

We are committed to our clients

Our team is committed to each project. We are careful to manage our resources to ensure deadlines are met. In a marketplace where time lines are becoming tighter and staff resources can become compromised, our firm is making a commitment to ensure that each project is a priority and that we provide focused attention until its completion. We are careful to create solutions that facilitate the needs of our client, and the needs of additional stakeholders, while conforming to any municipal requirements.

We strive for innovation

We are in the practice of surpassing our clients’ expectations, working diligently to create a strategy that is effective, technically sound, reproducible, and financially responsible. Through listening, watching, and testing ideas we develop creative solutions that work with existing environments. When we engage a community or client in the design process we bring a professional, organized, and positive attitude. The design journey is important, and our approach is inclusive, as we encourage affected stakeholders to be a part of the solution.

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