How do I scan a q-code?

In order to scan a q-code, you need to run an app on your smartphone capable of reading 2-dimensional barcodes known as QR codes. Some smartphones have a suitable app already included. With others, including the iPhone, you need to first install such an app. Several free options are available.

What app do you recommend to scan q-codes?

There are a number of apps that work well and are available on multiple platforms for free.  Google Goggles is an excellent tool that enables “visual search” including q-codes.  ScanLife supports a number of mobile platforms and recognizes multiple types of barcodes. i-nigma and RedLaser are a couple of other popular options.  Any app that can scan a QR code will work.  The app store for you phone will have a number of options.

How do I play audio?

The audio player appears below the main image on pages that have audio. Tap the arrow to begin playing the audio.  Be sure your smartphone is not muted and the volume level is loud enough to hear.  Generally audio will play through the phone’s speaker, or you can attach headphones or ear buds, if you prefer.

The q-code does not scan. What now?

q-codes have been designed to work with a range of phones and scanning apps.  Most scan apps work best when the camera is square with the code and positioned so the q-code fills the active portion of the screen. Try moving the phone closer or farther away from the code until the scan is successful. Changing the angle slightly to avoid reflections may help as well.  If you regularly have trouble scanning q-codes, you may want to consider a different app, such as one of the ones suggested above.

How do I make the text larger?

Hold your smartphone sideways.  qwica content is designed to work with your phone in either orientation.  Text will appear larger when the longer side of the screen is horizontal.