John & Hendrika Jansen

1918-2006  •  1913-2003

John & Hendrika Jansen

On March 4, 1952 the converted troop carrier “Zuiderkruis” departed Rotterdam, Holland for Halifax with 827 immigrants.

John and Hendrika Jansen traveled with six small children, leaving the security of family, friends and job in Bredevoort.  They crossed the country by train and worked for $100 per month on a farm outside Edmonton. A small home was provided with an outdoor toilet—quite a change from the comforts of Holland. The children attended Rabbit Hill, a one-room school with 50 kids from grades 1 through 9.

After two years the family moved to Edmonton; John became a construction foreman for the City until he retired at 55.  They moved to Kelowna, where John worked several years with his eldest son, owner of Nordic Electric.

Their dream that the children would become successful citizens of Canada became a reality as God blessed their family abundantly.

John passed away at 88, Hendrika at 90, both in Kelowna.

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